Liverpool FC

Liverpool FC is a football club from the city of Liverpool. The home matches are played at the legendary Anfield stadium and is located in the district of Anfield. What many people do not know is that Liverpool FC was founded, because city rival Everton, was banned from Anfield stadium due to rent problems. Since 1872 Anfield became home of Liverpool FC.

The stadium can seat 45 276 spectators and is known for its atmosphere and the anthem “You’ll never walk alone’ that for every home game is sung by Liverpool FC fans. The stadium consists of four stands: The Spion Kop, Main Stand, Centenary Stand and Anfield Road End. The most fanatic fans are standing behind the goal at the Spion Kop stand.

How do I buy tickets for Liverpool FC?

Tickets for Liverpool FC home matches are unfortunately hard to get because the club has a loyal supporters whom are holding a season ticket. To find out when Liverpool is playing at home have a look at the fixture on their official website.

All home games are sold out. It is therefore impossible to get tickets via the “General Sale ‘ but there are a few other possibilities to get match tickets for Liverpool FC:

1. For 40 pounds per year can you be a member of (Full Membership) Liverpool FC and will you get access to priority ticket sale. This means that you will have the ability to purchase one of the 8500 tickets per home games for the Premier League. Once you are being a member you can buy tickets here, though the chances are not very high that you will get tickets. You will need a bit of luck.

2. Liverpool FC also offers hospitality packages to attend home games. These packages includes a match ticket and at least one night in a hotel. There are also hospitality packages without an overnight but with match ticket, a stadium tour and dinner. Prices range from 150 pounds to 250 pounds.

3. A Dutchman runs a bed and breakfast in Liverpool, close to the stadium. He provides for 150-170 pounds a package deal with a match ticket for Liverpool FC with mandatory 2-3 nights stay. Click here for his website

Tip: Try to get tickets for the away stand. The away stand if often not sold out! Try on the website of the away club to purchase tickets or reach them by phone / email.

Tip 2: Check first for flight tickets before you buy tickets for the match.